Windows 8 Training: New features for end users

Windows 8 Training: New features for end users


Windows 8 Training: New features for end users. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s new Operating System. It is no longer designed exclusively for PCs, but also for tablets for example, where you can manage all your applications on a touch-screen. Although you don’t have to do it this way – you can still work with a mouse and keyboard on your PC. Compared with its predecessors, Windows 8 has undergone a complete transformation. The familiar user environment gives way to the so-called ‘Metro Interface’, where the previous Windows icons are replaced with coloured tiles.

In the Windows 8 course, you will become familiar these new developments and learn how easy it is to change over to working with the new Operating System. You will learn how to perform your day-to-day tasks efficiently and optimally in the new dynamic and user-friendly environment of Windows 8.


After completing the Windows 8 course you will be able to:

  • Work efficiently in the new Metro environment
  • Search and manage information in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10.
  • Navigate smoothly from the Metro environment to the Desktop environment.
  • Perform common tasks in Windows Explorer from the Ribbon.
  • Organise, manage and find files quickly.
  • Launch common applications more efficiently.
  • Switch between programs.

Target group

Windows users who are changing over from Windows XP or Windows 7 to Windows 8.


Basic knowledge of Windows XP / Windows 7

Duration: ½ day


 Signing in and out

The Lock screen

  • The Lock screen
  • The sign-in screen
  • Locking the computer / signing out
  • Closing Windows 8

Start screen

  • The Metro interface
  • Navigating in the start screen
  • The Charms toolbar
  • Selecting applications? Organising apps on the start screen? Using the Switch List to navigate the open applications? Displaying applications side by side
  • Organising apps on the start screen
  • Using the Switch List to navigate the open applications
  • Displaying applications side by side

Internet Explorer 10 

  • Screen elements and Live Preview
  • Jump Lists
  • Working with windows
  • Windows Explorer: The Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar; Working with the various sub-windows; Grouping, sorting and filtering; Searching for files and folders; Copying and moving files; Using Libraries

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