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Course Duration Modules Description
Social Media for Business ½ Day Do you wonder what social media is? Do you know how to Tweet? Do you think Facebook is for teenagers? Real business applications for social media – we’ll explain why large businesses are investing so much in social media and how you can join the social media revolution. You’ll learn how to: Create Social Media accounts – Create your first posts – Edit posts – Strategies to help promote your social media sites. If you already have the various accounts are you utilising the power of social media?
WordPress for Administrators ½ Day
Social Media Essentials
Live Online
Individual modules make up the series
90 Mins      90 Mins      90 Mins      90 Mins      90 Mins What is Social Media?
Marketing Strategies                                  Practical
Guide to Creating Accounts
This course provides intensive coverage of the importance of social media in the 21st Century. Practical issues are discussed and best practices shared.
LinkedIn for Business  Contact us for further details
Facebook for Business  Contact us for further details

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