Mobile Internet Connectivity

Mobile Internet Connectivity keeps you in touch with your office and your clients, wherever you are in the world, day or night. Wireless connections and free Wi-Fi are now more readily available.

Connect. Laptop and smartphone A deluge of new devices, including Smartphones and tablets, has brought fresh challenges for companies.

A 2010 study, carried out by Cisco systems, found that 45% of IT professionals were unprepared or struggling to implement mobile workforce systems.

However, the need to get it right, from both a staffing and productivity standpoint is apparent.

A lot of people have multiple cellphones or laptops. They have an iPad that is theirs and one that belongs to work. How does your organisation decide what it is going to take care of?

Remote Working The most significant barrier to allowing staff to drive innovation and bring their own mobile devices of choice is security . Among IT decision makers, surveyed by Cisco Systems, 57% rated security as the biggest challenge to enabling remote working. One potential solution, is to host office software in the cloud . Instead of running locally on the user’s machine, they log on to a virtualised work environment, through dedicated applications or a web browser.

For some, there is still a stigma attached to those colleagues who shun the office, with a perception that “working from home” is shorthand for “taking it easy”. A lot of middle and upper managers don’t feel comfortable letting people out of their sight.

The reality is quite different. When employees get more autonomy, they work harder, they are more grateful, they’ll stay connected and you can be even more productive.

We can provide the right Mobile Internet Connectivity solution for you, ranging from using Smartphones or BlackBerry, or connecting to your IT network from an Internet Cafe. Almost anything is possible and we can provide the correct solution for your needs. From a simple email solution, right through to full remote working, we have the skills to recommend and install the correct solution for you.

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