IT Services

IT Services

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Network Design and Installation

All companies rely on their computer systems in order to conduct their day to day business. Getting the right system at the right price is critical, to ensure that your business runs smoothly. You need hardware and software, to provide the right solution for you and your business.
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Server Monitoring

Do you know if your server (which holds all of your company information) is running smoothly or is about to fail? Proactive Server Monitoring reports back to Kenmal Business Systems as often as you require, typically every 15 minutes.This ensures that issues can be detected quickly. Problems can be dealt with long before you have a catastrophic failure and your business grinds to a halt
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Network Security

Network Security encompasses a magnitude of things, ranging from virus attacks from the Internet to staff attempting to access privileged information. Security of your information is paramount, as is, the ability to retrieve it in a disaster recovery scenario. What would you do if someone broke into your offices and stole your equipment, including your data?
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Internet Connectivity

All companies rely heavily on the Internet these days. Email has become critical to normal business transactions and has all but replaced the fax. Speed and reliability of your internet connection is vital; keeping you in communication with the outside world. Customers are no longer prepared to wait days for a letter to arrive; they expect an email within minutes of requesting information from you. If your Internet connection fails, you could be losing business within minutes .
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Mobile Connectivity

Business cannot stop just because you leave the office. Mobile connectivity keeps you in touch with the office and your clients, wherever you are in the world, day or night. Whatever your requirement, we can provide the right solution.
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IT Support

What would happen if your server fails or your accounts PC refuses to switch on? You need to be able to contact an expert with the experience to fix the problem. We offer tailor made packages to suit your requirements, offering different SLAs (service level agreements) so you only pay for what you need.
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IT Computer Consultancy

Computer systems are becoming more complex each day, despite appearing to be easier to use. If you just want a little advice about how to solve a particular problem or need full Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity planning, we can help. Kenmal Business Systems can help you test your plans, or even write them for you.
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Data Recovery

Your data is the most important part of your network. If your equipment is damaged or stolen, it can be replaced but what happens when you are unable to open an important file or you have just dropped your laptop and cannot access any of the data on it? Hopefully you have a backup of your information and can reload the data from this. However, what happens if you find out that your backups have not worked correctly for some time? This is when you need Data Recovery services.
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SOS for Law Firms

SOS (Solicitors Own Software) provides legal software for progressive law firms. Working hand in hand, Practice Manager and Connect offer a fully integrated software package for accounts and case management. We can now offer an independent service to write and modify scripts for Solicitors Own Software (SOS) Connect to your own specifications. We can also provide in-house user training on both Practice Manager and Connect.

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