Internet Connectivity

Speed and reliability of the Internet are more important than ever. If your Internet connection fails, you will be losing business and customers. A few years ago, everyone managed with a slow connection and could continue if the connection failed. Nowadays, the Internet is used constantly and downtime cannot be tolerated. Unless you can afford expensive connections such as leased lines, you cannot guarantee the speed or reliability that you need.

Firewall At Kenmal Business Systems we know about this and recommend multiple connections using cheaper ADSL connectivity. By using multiple internet connections, multiple ISPs and multiple carriers, not only do you get the benefit of bundling these together but, in the event that one of the circuits fail, your system can fail-over to the remaining line(s) to keep you working.

Internet Connection In large installations, we can enhance the reliability of your internet connection by ensuring  different circuits enter your building at different locations. This ensures that if a cable gets damaged, the other should stay intact, therefore maintaining your internet connection. We can even supply routers which support 3G USB dongles. So, in the event of major issues, the connection can fail-over to the mobile network to keep your vital communications with the outside world alive.

Your internet connection also needs secure protection by using the correct firewall for your system. We can supply, install and configure new firewalls or test your existing product and report on how secure your internet connection really is.

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