Business Skills

Business Skills Overview

All courses are 1 day duration.

Course Description
Managing stress   In a business environment in a term a period of great uncertainty
Equality and diversity A course aimed at those people who are required to go through a E&D course – the course is compelling and interactive
Applying real time management skills with the view to being more effective
Business readiness Preparing staff to be more commercially aware in competitive environment
Drafting, Implementing and monitoring Service Level Agreements
Learning new negotiation skills for better budget effectiveness
Introductory project management course Aimed at those who are about to move into project management or who need to understand the basics of project management
Country and culture Tailored courses aimed at staff who either sell or market themselves on an international basis
An introductory course on management Course aimed at those aspiring to move into either team leading or first line management roles
Leadership and management Tailored courses aimed either first line or middle management staff (could be run along the lines of the CMI or ILM approach)
Partnership and teamwork A course aimed either at individuals or teams needing to improve cohesiveness and targeted outcomes)
Problem solving Aimed at teams and or individuals
Presentation skills This a lively course where delegates get to understand the essentials when presenting and then have the opportunity in identifying their styles and an opportunity to change unwanted behaviours (delegates are videoed)
Call handling skills Interactive course is aimed at people either involved with selling / marketing on the phone  
Impact and influence A course aimed at those people who need to develop their influencing skills in the workplace – helping people become more confident and effective team players
Performance management A course aimed at those people who needing to conduct performance appraisals, or implement CDP programmes etc.
Sales skills This course can be either delivered to telesales / telemarketing  
Team development This is a course aimed at those managers who would like to develop their teams over a period of time achieving specific outcomes
Emotional intelligence A course aimed at those who would like to apply their new insight into emotional intelligence – this is an important consideration in human resources planning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, management development, customer relations and customer service, and more
Communication programmes A course aimed at those who need implement a corporate wide communications strategy taking into account all the various communication channels, imagery, content and audiences
Effective communications and decision making
Conflict management A course aimed at identifying conflict, dealing and managing the conflict and then embedding appropriate behaviours to sustain relationships recovering from conflict

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